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Ten Reasons We Are Better

1.  Simple evergreen contract makes new orders a breeze.


Each order doesn’t need a new contract – who needs that! Just sign the contract once and then every future order is as easy as clicking a few buttons or sending an email. That’s the beauty too of pre-registering your company with us even if you don’t need rental equipment today – when the need arises you are already set-up and ready to start ordering. When you are in the middle of a water damage emergency is definitely not the time to be reading contracts and setting up accounts – you want to get drying equipment on site and up and running, not doing paperwork. And who wants to do the contract thing every time you need to rent equipment? Nobody. That’s why our contracts are “evergreen.”


2.  No complicated rate schedule like the other guys.


You know what I mean - Half-day, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, “Best” rates … etc., etc. Which is a royal pain when it comes to figuring out what it will cost you to rent some air-movers and dehumidifiers. Heaven help you if you need stuff for, say, 9 days. Will you pay a weekly rate, then fall back to a day-rate for a couple days? Or what’s this stuff about four days equaling a week. And when exactly does that monthly rate kick in? (If they remember to do it for you). The point is, you need a freakin’ rocket scientist to figure out what it’s going cost you. The key point is this. One simple daily rate on all equipment rents. Because we want to fix what “chaps” you.


3.  Free half-day rental on delivery & return day to cover transit non-availability.


It’s not fair to charge you when the equipment is in transit. Sure, it’s lost hours of revenue for us, but it’s also lost hours of productivity for you. But neither one of us wants to be bothered with irritating hourly, partial-day rates and calculations. So, we’ll give you a free half-day on each end of the project to cover that transportation time. Odds are that you’ll get a few free hours with the equipment, but we want to simply do the right thing and make it easy for you to rent from us.


4.  Frustration-free billing. Easy to read statements, with each activity listed just like a bank statement.


This is our response to one of the greatest irritations in the rental industry and a colossal source of wasted time. That’s because your rental activity is tracked at an aggregate level – typically via invoices. Change or add equipment or services and you have to go back and change the original invoice - and perhaps the contract! So now everybody is in the business of tracking changes to a piece of paper. We’ve changed all that. We’ve invested a lot of time and money in developing an easier solution. It focuses on individual transactions, not the invoices that group those transactions. That means that every transaction, whether it’s an extension on the equipment for a current project, the return of equipment from a completed project, or a credit for payments made; it shows on your statement as a single line item, just like your bank statement. And it contains all the details needed to understand exactly what occurred, when, and all the associated charges. In fact, it reads even better than your bank statement! And we send it to you on the fifteenth of every month, showing all transactions due to be paid at the end of that month. No parade of invoices arriving on random dates with different payment dates that all have to be tracked. With us you’ll see it on the fifteenth, due end of the month – because we automatically approve you for up to 60 days net due (see below). You will absolutely love this.


5.  30-60 day net-due terms granted without qualification improves your cash flow.


We get it – cash flow is one of the toughest aspects of working with insurance reimbursements. They aren’t quick payers. We want to be your long-term partners, so we’re willing to carry that burden with you. If you place an order on any given day, payment is not due until the end of the following month. That means at least 30 days net-due, and could mean up to 60 days net-due if you order early in a month. And we welcome working with small business owners – you don’t have to prove anything to us to get these terms. We want to make it easy for you to work with us.


6.  Labor-saving pre-loaded specifically configured equipment carts speed unloading & deploying of equipment.


You can rent these specially configured equipment carts to dramatically increase the velocity and ease of unloading & deploying drying equipment. ​ During typical unloading and setup one person is limited to carry only two air movers at a time, or a few on a regular hand truck. Our carts allow that same person to move up to 10 air movers per cart, and the carts can be stored in different project “zones” to allow rapid re-deployment to other zones as needed.  Loading and unloading equipment is 3 times faster, potential lifting injuries are avoided, counting equipment for return is faster, pickup of returning equipment is speedier, and equipment is more secure during transport. The entire process is simply safer, faster, and a lot less work.


7.  Prepayment discount that saves you money.


Our daily rental rates already beat the competition, but you can save an additional 5% by using the “Pay Now” function when you place an order. And it applies to all equipment types and services, including delivery and equipment setup fees. That’s 5% more profit in your pocket on every project.


8.  Super-clean equipment.


Have your ever looked inside the drying equipment you rent from “those guys”? (Or maybe just the outside tells the whole story). If you do look inside, you’ll see all the dirt and grime from who knows how many other projects. Honestly it can be just plain gross. Why in the world would you want to spread somebody else’s dirt on your project? The answer of course is that you don’t. That’s why our dehumidifiers and air movers are absolutely a better choice. Because we deep clean them after every project, and keep them clean until you rent them. And when I say deep clean, I don’t mean just wiping the dust off the outside surface. We actually disassemble each unit and clean the interior parts in places you’ll never see. And then we wrap the unit in a protective bag so that it doesn’t even collect shop dust until it’s delivered to you.


9.  High-quality, durable, lightweight equipment by Phoenix means fewer breakdowns & schedule-killing swap-outs.


A lot of equipment on the market has a hard-plastic case, and when you happen to drop it there’s a high probability that it will crack or break. That puts you at risk for paying for the damage, and means lost time while the vendor swaps out the equipment. The reason they use that type of equipment is simple. It’s a lot cheaper. We don’t fault them for wanting to operate a profitable business, but what works for them doesn’t necessarily work well for you. And not only are those air movers and dehumidifiers more fragile than our Phoenix equipment, but they weigh a lot more. Our AirMax air movers for example weigh only 21 pounds. That’s several pounds less than many other models on the market. That’s a big deal when you have to unload and carry 20, 30, or 100 of them across your job site.


10.  Quick delivery & incredibly fast setup gets your job started faster.


Our equipment is pre-loaded on our specially modified equipment carts and ready to be delivered the moment you call. When you have us deliver the equipment, it automatically saves you the transit time and labor to pick up the equipment, and our rates easily beat third party delivery rates. And to make it easy to estimate your freight costs, we use a simple flat rate based on the delivery “zone.” And for an amazingly low fee per unit, we can unload, deploy, and set up the equipment for you. Think “1 man-100 units-20 minutes” type of service!

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