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Get Your Project Dry
Desert One rents only the best LGR dehumidifiers in the industry made by Phoenix Restoration Equipment.
Stack-able and compact our dehumidifiers are super-easy to load, unload, and transport. They are built tough and made to dry, our units remove 125-135 PPD at AHAM, using only 7.7 and 8.3 amps. When it comes to being nimble and effective we got you covered.
The Phoenix DryMAX XL is also the first dehumidifier with built-in Bluetooth technology. Just use the Phoenix DryLINK mobile app (or an app you may already use for drying jobs) and the unit will automatically send the psychrometric data by Bluetooth to your device, providing you with accurate readings to track performance and save time. 
Do you have a special drying need? You can use dehumidifiers for wide variety of applications including:
  • Structural Drying

  • Mix Drying

  • Carpet Drying

  • Product Drying

  • Product Preservation

  • Product R&D

  • Humidity Control

Not sure if these are the right units for your project? Give us a call, we can help build you a solution.

PhoenixDryMaxXL Tranparent.png
PhoenixR250 (1).png


  • Power 7.7 Amps, 110–120 VAC

  • Water Removal 125 Pints/Day @ AHAM

  • Blower 300 CFM

  • Operating Range 33°F to 110°F

  • W x H x D = 16″ x 17.5″ x 24″

  • Weight 83 Lbs.

  • Xactimate Code WTRDHM


  • Power 8.3 Amps, 110–120 VAC

  • Water Removal 135 Pints/Day @ AHAM

  • Blower 310 CFM

  • Operating Range 33°F to 110°F

  • W x H x D = 20″ x 33.5″ x 20″

  • Weight 109 Lbs.

  • Xactimate Code WTRDHM

DryLINK Technology

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Desert One Logo Transparent.png
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