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Why Desert One?

We started this company because we saw a need to treat customers better than how they are currently treated by their equipment rental vendors. Most large equipment rental companies are simply difficult to work with. From dirty equipment, confusing billing and pricing, to poor back of house processes, they really cause pain to the customer.

We have changed that. Based on years of experience we spent twelve painful months re-designing and re-inventing every process, from how you clean equipment to greatly simplifying billing and pricing, all while remaining competitive.

We continue to improve all areas of our business every day. Even though it comes at a high cost, we choose to eliminate, improve and carry the pain of imperfect systems so that you don’t have to. Period.

I guarantee the big companies don’t do that. I know, I used to work for them. We are your team member, if you encounter difficulties with a project or as a business, we carry them with you.

Desert One is a better source of rental drying equipment for water-damage and cooling emergencies because we save time, save money, and eliminate frustration for Greater Houston building service professionals. We are easier to work with than any other drying equipment provider.

Our Name:

Desert One has a twofold meaning. It is an associative name and it’s a tribute to my father. The “Desert” portion stands for the dry environment that we provide with our drying equipment. The full name “Desert One” is in honor of my father, Tim Prater (Co-Owner) who is an original plank holder for JSOC by being a member of the team who was on the Operation Eagle Claw/ Desert One mission in 1980 for the USAF.


Click here if you would like to learn more about that mission: 

I am very proud to say we have a long line of military in our family including my older brother who is an officer for the USAF and also a part of JSOC. Here at Desert One we thank and honor every veteran for their service!

-Denver Prater

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Desert One Logo Transparent.png
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