Move More Equipment, Faster

Desert One rents labor-saving, pre-loaded, specifically configured equipment carts for the fastest unloading & deploying of equipment available.

Pre-loaded equipment carts means you get deployed faster! Just roll up, roll out, unstrap and unload. One person can only carry two air movers at a time or a couple on a regular hand truck at a time. Our carts allow one person to move 10 air movers per cart! This also means faster tear-down time when you are done with your project. Store the carts on your project per zone to allow nimble deployment within your project as needed. Here are a few more benefits.

  • Save Time Loading & Unloading x 3

  • Prevent Possible Lifting Injuries

  • Pre-load Returning Equipment For Speedy Pickup

  • More Secure During Transportation

  • Easier To Count Equipment Quantity

We really do want to save you time and labor cost. Here at Desert One we are constantly innovating for you!

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