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Keep Your People, Products & Equipment Cool
Desert One rents only the best portable air conditioners in the industry. With air- and water-cooled portables ranging from 1-ton to trailer-mounted 12-ton units, our cooling rental fleet is ready to keep you cool 24/7!
Simple to use and install our air conditions are super-easy to load, unload, and transport. They are built tough and made to cool, our units power requirements are between 115-460 Volts. When it comes to being nimble and effective we got you covered.
Do you have a special cooling need? You can use air conditioners and spot coolers for wide variety of applications including:
  • Computer/Server Rooms

  • Equipment Rooms

  • Hospital Rooms

  • Office Space

  • Manufacturing - Products & Processes

  • Product R&D

  • Warehouse Space

  • Large Equipment/Vehicles/Aircraft

  • Special Events

  • Retail Stores

Not sure if these are the right units for your project? Give us a call, we can help build you a solution.

  •         1 TON
  •         1.5 TON
  •         2 TON
  •         3 TON
  •         5 TON
  •         12 TON
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Desert One Logo Transparent.png
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