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Plan Ahead

Contingency & Hurricane Planning
Temporary Power & HVAC
Do you have time to contact multiple vendors for your contingency planning?
Do you want to feel pressure from each vendor to commit to their offering?
Desert One has prior expertise in building large power and HVAC contingency plans for the leading temporary power and HVAC rental vendors in Houston Texas.  
For a one-time fee $999 we can build your facility with a brief contingency plan that will include the following:
  • Equipment List
  • Equipment Sizes
  • Logistical Layout
  • Average Response Time
  • Ballpark Cost Range (Based on industry cheapest to most expensive)
  • One Line Diagram (Extra Fee of $299)
This will help you understand what range of costs and equipment you might encounter from different temporary power & HVAC vendors in the Houston area. This will also give you a preemptive understanding of what could be needed to protect your assets before contacting the rental vendor of your choice. Or simply keep the plan until the need arises for equipment.
When shopping for an overall solution to your contingency plan let Desert One help save you time and pressure. Call us for more information or to setup a site walkthrough. 
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